CHAP Annual Network Meetings

CHAP meets once a year, in conjunction with the annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR).
All members are welcome to attend this meeting.

2024 Meeting

2023 Meeting

2022 Meeting

2021 Meeting

2020 Meeting

2019 Meeting

2018 Meeting

2017 Meeting

2016 Meeting

2015 Meeting

2014 Meeting

2013 Meeting

2012 Meeting

2011 Meeting

2010 Meeting

2009 Meeting

2008 Meeting

2007 Meeting

2006 Meeting

2005 Meeting

2004 Meeting

2003 to 1999 Meetings

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To promote cross-country sharing of experiences and information to improve patient care.

To develop practical, clinical guidelines on the role of the pharmacist in caring for patients with HIV and/or viral hepatitis.

To collaborate on research protocols which demonstrate positive drug-related outcomes.

To share continuing education resources, in order to make information on HIV and/or viral hepatitis drug therapy more accessible to community, hospital and ambulatory pharmacists, as well as patients.

To foster the development of HIV and/or viral hepatitis pharmacist mentors.

To promote the pharmacists role in HIV and/or viral hepatitis therapeutics on a national level.