To present a patient and discuss his/her disease state(s) and drug management in a manner that is clear, concise and interesting.



  • should be well organized
  • should have good eye contact with audience
  • should be enthusiastic about the material presented
  • pace should be slow enough for understanding but quick enough to prevent inattention.
  • content is delivered completely within the time allotted.


  • presentation of the patient should be concise and systematic
  • should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease state (s)
  • should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the drug management
  • is able to explain differences between optimal therapy versus the actual course of treatment
  • presents information at a level suitable to the audience; easily adapts presentation style or level to the audience present
  • handles questions easily

Handouts and Visual Aids

  • handouts should be organized and well referenced
  • overheads/ slides should be uncluttered, easily read and understood
  • use of the pointer/ board should be natural, not awkward