Antiretroviral Trials

Currently Enrolling

Bone Antiresorptive Therapy with AntiRetroviral Initiation (BATARI) Pilot Trial
Sponsor: St. Michael’s Hospital
Contact: Adriana D’Aquila
(416) 340-4800 ext. 8170

The Canadian HIV and Aging Cohort – Determinants of Increased Risk of Cardio-vascular Diseases in HIV-infected Individuals (Protocol: CTN 272)
Sponsor: CIHR and CTN
Contact: Warmond Chan
(416) 340-4800 ext. 6954

Penicillin Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in the Treatment of Infectious Syphilis. Do Low

Penicillin Concentrations Correlate with Treatment Failure? (Protocol: CTNPT 011)
Sponsor: CTN
Contact: Rosemarie Clarke
(416) 340-4800 ext. 6723