The Immunodeficiency Clinic of the Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, will provide exemplary care for persons living with HIV/AIDS, and will foster excellence in health care delivery, education, and research in a tertiary/quaternary care model.

Program Objectives

Patient Care

To provide continuous, comprehensive patient-centred care to patients and their loved ones

To provide specialized interprofessional care that includes medical, pharmacological, psychosocial, and functional services.

To consult and liaise with other service providers connected with the patient to ensure all aspects of patient’s care is connected

To facilitate rapid diagnostic services and appropriate subspecialty consultation to referring family physicians

To refer patients to other professionals/programs when additional services are required


To provide for the educational needs of patients, families, caregivers, healthcare workers and the community.

To provide specialized disciplinary-specific training to medical and allied health students in conjunction with
accredited university programs.

To act as a resource for the most current information regarding HIV disease and new treatment modalities in the
contexts of direct consultation with staff, public forums, multidisciplinary conferences, educational Grand Rounds, clinical traineeships, and an onsite literature, video, and computerized resource centre.


To establish research priorities through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach, and to implement a
multidisciplinary, broad-based and original research program which addresses these priorities.