Your First Visit – Information on what to bring and what to expect during your first visit to the clinic.

Guide to Services – Information on services available at the Immunodeficiency Clinic.

Access to Treatment – Presents the many different avenues of access to approved and unapproved conventional and unconventional treatments for HIV/AIDS and OI’s.

Paying for Medication – Ensures that you have the information you need to get the funding you require to pay for your important prescription drugs.

Medication Reimbursement – A listing of the reimbursement status of HIV Drugs in Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions on Taking Antiretrovirals – Brings together the most asked questions on how to take antiretrovirals and manage side effects and drug interactions.

Medication Fact Sheets – Fact sheets on antiretrovirals and other commonly used agents, in both English and French

Glossary – List of frequently used terms and their definitions.

Travelling to the United States?

HIV Travel Ban is now LIFTED.

Patient Care Objectives

  • To provide continuous, comprehensive patient-centred care to patients and their loved ones
  • To provide specialized inter-professional care that includes medical, pharmacological, psychosocial, and functional services.
  • To consult and liaise with other service providers connected with the patient to ensure all aspects of patient’s care is connected
  • To facilitate rapid diagnostic services and appropriate subspecialty consultation to referring family physicians
  • To refer patients to other professionals/programs when additional services are required