Our Interactive HIV/HCV Drug Therapy web application is now live!

This website application incorporates HIV and HCV pharmacology and drug interaction information in an easy-to-use, searchable and interactive format.

Drug Interaction Summary Tables

Concise, colour-coded quick reference charts for use in conjunction with our drug interaction application. These summary charts will be replacing the previous pdf tables which are no longer being updated. These tables are also available in a consolidated handbook in English and French. Please note that guidance on drug interactions may change as new data emerge. For the most current and detailed drug interaction information, please visit our app:

Drug Name/Class English French
Acid suppressing Agents pdf pdf
Analgesics: opioids, opioid substitution, non-narcotics pdf pdf
Anticonvulsants pdf pdf
Anti-infectives: azoles and macrolides pdf pdf
Anti-infectives: TB drugs pdf pdf
Hepatitis C drugs pdf pdf
Cardiovascular drugs: antihypertensives, digoxin pdf pdf
Cardiovascular drugs: antiplatelets, anticoagulants pdf pdf
Cardiovascular drugs: lipid-lowering agents pdf pdf
Corticosteroids pdf pdf
Chemotherapy regimens pdf pdf
Diabetes medications pdf pdf
Genitourinary drugs: erectile dysfunction, pulmonary arterial hypertension pdf pdf
Genitourinary drugs: BPH, LUTS pdf pdf
Hormonal therapy: gender affirming pdf pdf
Hormonal therapy: contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy pdf pdf
Osteoporosis medications pdf pdf
Psychotropics pdf pdf
Transplant drugs pdf pdf
Recreational drugs pdf pdf
Vitamins, herbals, body-building supplements pdf pdf
Miscellaneous: ergot alkaloids, colchicine pdf pdf

Additional Resources:

For additional drug information, please visit the Additional Information for Healthcare Professionals page.


The information in this site is intended for use by and with experienced physicians and pharmacists. The information is not intended to replace sound professional judgment in individual situations, and should be used in conjunction with other reliable sources of information. Due to the rapidly changing nature of information about HIV treatment and therapies, users are advised to recheck the information contained herein with the original source before applying it to patient care. Decisions about particular medical treatments should always be made in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner knowledgeable about HIV-related illness and the treatments in question.

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2 Responses to “Drug Interaction Tables”

  1. Dr B Modi

    I am looking for a chart comparing HIV drugs with Hormonal replacement therapy for menopause. I will appreciate if you can please email it to me.

    • Alice Tseng

      Hi Dr. Modi,
      At this point we do not have something specific for antiretrovirals and HRT but that is a very good idea.
      Perhaps we can try to work on something over the summer.
      thanks for the suggestion.


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