Group Communication

Use this email for group communication and clinical sharing sessions:

This list is open to the general membership of CHAP, and includes pharmacists who are actively interested in HIV pharmacology and/or practice. This group is a restricted list, which means that new members are added by the moderator (Chair).

If there are new members who would like to join, they should e-mail the Chair at: with a request and a brief bio sketch.

CHAP National Clinical Observership Program

This program supports 3-4 observerships per year, based on available funds. Canadian CHAP members may apply for a 2-4 day observership in order to enhance clinical skills and expertise through clinical shadowing/teaching with an experienced HIV pharmacy practitioner at an established practice site. This program is open to new pharmacists entering the area of HIV practice, as well as experienced CHAP members who wish to gain experience in a new clinical area/skill/program. Logistical costs of the program are supported via Sponsorship with Gilead Sciences Canada. Observership applicants and members of the Observership Working Group do not receive any honoraria/consulting fees for their time developing/administering this project.

CHAP Endorsements

Professional Advocacy

In 2000, CHAP, along with the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists, the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists, and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, submitted a formal letter of protest to the Retrovirus Conference planning committee regarding the selective exclusion of pharmacist registrants to the Retrovirus conference. These collaborative efforts resulted in subsequent modification of pharmacist registration criteria for this prestigious annual meeting.

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To promote cross-country sharing of experiences and information to improve patient care.

To develop practical, clinical guidelines on the role of the pharmacist in caring for patients with HIV and/or viral hepatitis.

To collaborate on research protocols which demonstrate positive drug-related outcomes.

To share continuing education resources, in order to make information on HIV and/or viral hepatitis drug therapy more accessible to community, hospital and ambulatory pharmacists, as well as patients.

To foster the development of HIV and/or viral hepatitis pharmacist mentors.

To promote the pharmacists role in HIV and/or viral hepatitis therapeutics on a national level.