Accurate and confidential prescription drug information and dispensing is our number one priority.  Your individual needs are always taken into account when in comes to your prescriptions.  Up-to-date and detailed medication information can be provided to you at anytime in your relationship with our pharmacy.   Our pharmacy is located on the 13th floor of the Toronto General Hospital and in addition to the dispensary we have a private counselling office to add to the already confidential environment we provide.   The clinic and clinic pharmacy is a friendly and safe space for people of all backgrounds. 

We accept both private and government issued drug plans from Ontario and can provide you with knowledge of coverage of your drugs.  If for any reason you have problems paying for your medication, we can work together with you and a third party if needed to try to find a solution.  Complex issues and Trillium paper work can be directed to the 2 social workers that serve our clinic at anytime.

Free delivery!  The Clinic Pharmacy provides free same day delivery service within the metropolitan Toronto area as well as free next day delivery service to anywhere outside Toronto in Ontario. 

Your privacy is always prioritized in our delivery service.  Packages arrive sealed and arrangements can be made to tailor to your specific needs.  Examples could be covering our address and name, delivering to alternative locations and contacting only who you approve.

Free weekly pill dosettes can be provided to you if you need a better way to organize your daily medications.  

Free electronic dose reminder alarms are also available from us to help with your medication compliance

Comprehensive drug stock in the realm of HIV medications and related therapies are always available at the clinic pharmacy.  If there are other medications that you take for certain ailments we can have them available to us for your complete need.

Safe Medication Disposal: Medications no longer required by the patient may be brought to the clinic for safe and confidential disposal.

Free medication fact sheets.  You can pick up medication fact sheets on any of the HIV medications you take.  In addition we provide various reading material (pamphlets on various topics such as HIV, STI’s, smoking cessation, diabetes, cholesterol etc).

Ontario Drug Benefit Meds Check:  If  you are an Ontario Resident and currently take 3 or more prescribed medications, you can make an appointment for a sit down one on one consult with our pharmacist to discuss and review your medications.  This service is free.  You are only required to bring your OHIP card.  Please call to inquire or to book an appointment.

Availability.  Although we are closed at 4:00pm and weekends you can always call us and leave a message.  Your message will be retrieved the next morning.  If you want to pick up your medications but can’t make it by our 4:00pm close, your medications can be picked up on the 1stfloor General Drug Store Pharmacy until 6:00pm on weekdays and from 9:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays at your request.

Immunodeficiancy Clinic Drug Therapy Guide: Interactive Application