The resident will be required to develop proficiency in the delivery of educational programs to health care


The resident will:

Be prepared to present seminars on drug therapy to members of the nursing and medical staff on request.

Attend relevant presentations given by other staff pharmacists, students, or health professionals from other departments of the hospital. The resident will be expected to contribute to these by being prepared to discuss pertinent points concerning drug therapy.

Attend at least one HIV educational conference to observe the types of continuing education which are provided. This will include a chance to view the scope of topics which are presented and the different methods of delivering educational material to the user (lectures, films, written material etc.).

Responsibilities of the Program Coordinators:

To ensure that the designated activities are completed in accordance with the objectives.

To provide timely feedback to the resident regarding presentations which the resident has made.

To meet regularly with the resident to review requests for educational activity and to evaluate their appropriateness for the program.

To guide the resident to obtain appropriate resource material.

To encourage participation by the resident in the activities of Ontario Branch CSHP and the CSHP Awards
Program (when applicable).