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Membership in the HIV PSG is free to any pharmacist in Ontario who wishes to have access to and be part of a group of pharmacists with special interest in the Pharmaceutical Care of HIV/AIDS.

General Group Membership:

All general group members will be invited to all events that are sponsored by the HIV PSG. All members agree to be part of an electronic mailing list so that they can receive all electronic correspondence from the group including all presentations and meeting minutes. They will also have access to all networking capabilities of the group.

Working Group Membership:

Working group members will have all the benefits of general group members but will be those members who choose to get more actively involved in group projects, case presentations, conference updates, and other group initiatives.


  • Chairperson(s):

    The chairperson(s) are responsible for the coordination of all meetings, sponsorship, networking, mailings, and public relations pertaining to the group.

  • Treasurer:

    The treasurer maintains the cheque signing authority on the PSG bank account.

  • Secretary:

    The secretary records all minutes from quarterly meetings and reports them to the chair for distribution.


The group will meet four times per year, namely March, June, September, and December for dinner and education.

All meetings will have a Guest Speaker addressing an educational topic of interest identified by the group.

All meetings will close with group sharing in the form of case presentations, conference updates, working group project reports, etc.

All meeting minutes, as well as any available electronic education materials, such as slides, will be forwarded to the group within 2 to 4 weeks following the meeting.

All invites to education events and meetings will be forwarded to all members one month prior to the event.