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HIV Residency Program Manual


1.  Program Description

        Goals and Objectives
        Residency Outline
        Program Guidelines

2.  Accreditation Standards

        Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board Accreditation Standards 2010

3.  Responsibilities of Coordinator/ Preceptors/ Residents

        Responsibilities of Program Coordinators
Responsibilities of Rotation Preceptor
Pharmacy Resident's Responsibilities

4.  Residency Advisory Committee

        Membership and Responsibilities
Contact Information

5.  Rotation Descriptions and Specific Evaluation Forms

        Mandatory Rotations:

    1.             Ambulatory Care - TGH

    2.             Ambulatory Care - MCI

    3.             Community Pharmacy

    4.             Inpatient Care – Casey House

    5.             Pediatrics

    6.             Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - MUHC
                  Drug Information

    7.             Marketing

  1.         Elective Rotations:

    1.             Research - Maple Leaf Medical

    2.             Infectious Diseases

    3.             AIDS Service Organization - CATIE

    4.             HIV Primary Care

  2. 6. Presentations and Continuing Education

        Provision of continuing education
        Format of resident's presentations
        Case presentations
        Evidence-based pharmacotherapy presentations
        Guidelines on Presentation Skills
        Presentation Evaluation Form

7.  Project

        Goals and Objectives
Project Proposal Guidelines
Responsibilities of Project Preceptor
The Residency Project (PRFO)
Guidelines on Making Poster Presentations (suggested readings)
Guidelines on Manuscript Preparation and Review (suggested readings)

8.  Evaluation

        Assessment Forms of Resident Performance

    1.             Clinical Rotation

    2.             Non-Clinical Rotation

    3.             Drug Information Rotation

    4.             Marketing Rotation

    5.             Research Elective

    6.             Residency Project

    Assessment Form of Rotation
    Assessment Form of Preceptor

9  HIV Residency Rotation Locations & Contacts 

        Preceptor Contact Information

10  Additional Policies 

Revised August 2010

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