Immunodeficiency Clinic


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Immunodeficiency Clinic, 585 University Avenue, Toronto, ON


Who We Are

The Toronto General Hospital Immunodeficiency Clinic currently carries out many studies which we hope will provide new insight into the prevention and treatment of AIDS-related conditions.

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Warmond Chan, RN
Clinical Research Coordinator
(416) 340-4800 x6954

Rosemarie Clarke, RN, CCRP
Research Nurse Manager
(416) 340-4800 x6723

Bryan Boyachuk, RN, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator
(416) 340-4800 x4239

Irving Salit, MD, FRCPC
Director, Immunodeficiency Clinic and Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

Sharon Walmsley, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Director, Clinical Research Program,
Immunodeficiency Clinic and
Professor of Medicine, University of

Darrell HS Tan, MD, FRCPC
Clinic Physician and Research Fellow

Marie Sano, RN.
(on maternity leave)
Clinical Research Coordinator
(416) 340-4800 x8172

Clinical Research

Research in this area includes testing new drugs in order to prevent or treat AIDS and associated infections.  These new agents may increase longevity and quality of life for infected persons.  Clinical research may be critical to neutralizing the effects of HIV infection and preventing disease progression.

Basic science research

Toronto General Hospital conducts basic science research in a laboratory-based setting.  Our scientists generate original ideas about mechanisms whereby HIV replicates and leads to active disease.  This research is essential to the development of new drugs and vaccines.

Epidemiological research

Epidemiological research looks at the occurrence and spread of HIV and related illnesses in various groups.  We need this information so that we can plan medical and preventative educational strategies.

Psychosocial research

Psychosocial research assesses the effects of HIV on depression, anxiety, sexual functioning, general quality of life and the effectiveness of various counseling methods.  These efforts can improve the daily life of those living with HIV / AIDS and may possibly improve immune function.

Banita Aggarwal, CCRP
Clinical Research Coordinator
(416) 340-4800 x8276

Adriana D’Aquila, RN, CCRP
Clinical Trials Coordinator
(416) 340-4800 x8170